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Happy New Year

Hi all, its been a long time since i do this shit. The last time i blogged is 2012 June. And for you all who dont really know, yes i do write blog and shit, please dont say me gay again, this shit is awesome 1.

Firstly wish each and everyone of u a happy new year!!

Ok now back to the topic, reason for me to restore this blog is because I really needed this blog to constantly remind me of my life. Last night me and my friends countdown together and after that we share the 5 things that is most remarkable in 2012, and I cant really name 5 shits i done, i mean its more than 5 but i tend to miss out most of the awesome 1. What i can think of is what happened in the past 3 days.

So again, I needed this blog to remind me of my life, shits and rainbows that i been thru, thru out the year. And this post, will be a brief flash back for 2012:

January 2012 - My 1st oversea trip (Bangkok) with my college friends!!

Now i think all of us already start working and every one have really moved on it their life, chasing their dream, damn those good old days really do passed fast. All the 4hrs break and assignment finally come to an end. We all finally become real adult =D

Leng lui theng with her strong dai bei LOL

and i met leonardo dicaprio LOL

February 2012 - Chinese new year ( 1st time wearing traditional dress to bai nian)

I still remember we been planing to buy the shirts and we travel a lot places to find the nicest + cheapest, and we got it from Kenanga wholesale city 

Do you ever have the feeling that you wanna get the girl, 

instead you got her mom, 

yeah, this is how i felt (long story) LOL

Overall, its a great new year. We did it like a boss!

We go lou shang, and i think natalie dont really happy v it LOL, look at her face

We visits all of our friends place, and this is our secondary school teacher, its kinda a tradition to visit it once a year to catch up and just talk bout life.

dope dou LOL

Mid Feb 2012- Gathering with Jie Jie 

It may sound funny but we used to dance together, yea i dance, and you're still forever alone reading shit and got ntg better to do, so yeah we are pretty much the same. 

and btw, one of them is my manager now LOL

Valentine 2012 

Yup, its valentine and I am with this zhu. We went to olivia ong concert and its AWESOME

She is really an amazing singer, and she do cute stuff too while shes singing. xD

the hall is surrounded by love shape balloon

And what special is that we cook our own valentine dinner


This kinda thing only can do while you are young. Once you getting older, you will be too old for this shit d 

Somewhere between Feb and March 

OT Moment

I Rmb wilson just broke up, and he ended up crying so hard in Scott garden OT, his tears actually drawn a lot of chicks come over to comfort him LOL, and then we all met new friends in the Bar!!

Draw Something Sensation

Do you all still rmb this game? its was a hit during the times, every1 is playing this shit LOL
But now all like forget about it d =(   

BTW i drew Captain American, Thor, Halkeye, and the ugly black widow LOL

March 2012- Graduation Ceremony!

College time is really fun and happy, able to graduated in 1st class really need thanks to my family and my friends!

And really really special thanks for all the beautiful and hot girl classmates i have, without your beauty I would have fall asleep in class ALL THE TIME. Yea, so god bless the 1 who invented short pants/ short skirt/ and tank top, cuz you helped a kid like me survived college! LOL 

And really glad that i met these girls who helped me in my college years. We have always been group mates, some good in english gramma checking, some good at organizing stuff, some have creativity, some har charming smile to kill the lecturer LOL. Wish you girls have a happy new year and i always cherish our friendship.

We 2 smile till damn horny LOL

April 2012 - First Job In Public Bank

Before entering this job, the job hunting period is awful. I've been to a lot of interview, rejected some and got rejected some. I was jobless and feeling so stress out. If you wan a detailed version, i blogged it before, click the link below will do


And same goes to my 1st Job expreience, pretty awful as well, i do also blogged it before, link at below:


May 2012 - Entering Groupon Malaysia 

I am really thankful that Groupon hired me and I am really enjoying the job.

I do blogged it also, links - http://sweetpotato-max.blogspot.com/2012/06/newbie.html

My 1st day in work xD

My job is to consult with the merchant and form the deal you saw on the site, so my job require me to travel and will met a lot of entrepreneur/ boss or manager. I've really learned a lot in this job, hence i think i have to really work hard to stay in here baaa...  

June / July / Aug / Sept 2012 

During these time I work mostly, so I just gonna highlight it with some pictures.

the 1st company trip i have with my colleagues, it was memorable and crazy!

Then for a moment we always hang out in Idart Gold (setia walk)

I think we are addicted to the darts thingy. its really fun tough.

We have a small college gathering, all still looking good, and all is working  

Groupon Bollywood Party! My 1st company party  

Oct 2012 - KJ (My manager) wedding + Team dinner

Team dinner is at Rakuzen, here a picture that summarize everything about that night

2913, these number has imprinted in my boss heart like Jacob and dunno wat name girl LOL

IMBA SHIT DINNER, thanks to my manager KJ for the night, really imba LOL

Its the 1st friend's wedding that i ever been to and it the most awesome wedding so far.

He have more than 100 tables @ gold horse palace hotel. the moment he step in with his wife, along with the happiness music really make me feel like crying!!

This guy is really something, glad to work with him!!!

The next day:

I am just gonna copy this picture caption here: 1st time got so drunk need to take wheel chair go to a hotel room, what worst is the next day wake up with this shit face and every 1 left, my phone no battery, my spec is gone, wallet no money!!!! imba shit!!!

November 2012- Groupon Halloween

Its a party that organized by my team, and all of us put in alot of effort in it! Feel so party for this party!

LOL, we are actually fliming a scene where this guy was chopped into half. You might wanna ask me, is this what I do all day in groupon??!! LOL


Back to the party

This is my outfit, i donna what it is. Initially i wanna be Lil Wayne but cant find any dark make up shit. So just end up something like this LOL. 

Most creative costume ever!!

Its a good nite for all of us xD

Oh ya, forgot to mention I also first time experience car outta fuel LOL, gonna pump in this shit and refill in my car =X

December 2012- Annual Dinner + Girlfriend 21st + Xmas eve + New year eve

Groupon Annual Dinner is also pretty fun, we took a lots of pic and all looking awesome!

GF 21st.

I always extra emphasis on meaningful event, you may say I am a bit traditional but i take 21st quite serious. For my own 21st i invited all my friends (around 60ppl ??), although its not a really fun nite but i had the best memories LOL

For hers, i want to give her things that she cannot forgot. At 1st i thought of buying 21 gifts but I am really broke after buying her a Gucci Handbag LOL

We went Favola for dinner, ntg special. What i emphasize on is the PRESENT!!

All worth a month of my salary, yes, including sales commission LOL

I Bought her a Gucci Handbag, Lancome Perfume, laptop table, limited edition line brown bear, 2 hamster

The story for the 2 hamster is quite funny, well 1st i bought the blue cage at left, cuz it look nice and got discount LOL. Then i went to the pet shot and get the hamster. My gf is particular like syrian hamster, so i buy jor. DIM JI the cage is too small for it, it really look very very small, i got no choice but to buy another larger cage. But then how about the smaller cage, so then i bought another smaller winter hamster.

Yeah this 2 furry cute little bastards!

Hope you really love this baby <3 p="p">

Xmas Eve! Its kinda tradition for us to celebrate Xmas eve with a house party. Same goes to 2012, game, girls, alcohol and fun!

And again, met new friend in a party!! glad that these girls came along, really nice to meet you!

Pressie exchanged!

New year Eve

This new year eve is more sentimental compare to last year, maybe becuz mainly most of the colleagues been wishing each other happy new year and make it like a very meaningful day, but I like ntg to do LOL

And I actually spend 2 hours at office playing Xbox with friend before dinner. Yeah, nerdy style new year eve 

But i do went to count down with friend at setia walk, the place if FULL of ppl, every bar is FULL HSE that night. 

After that me and my friends have some heart to heart chat, talk about problems between us and we do it to solve all the misunderstanding / hatred toward each other. Its kinda a healthy way to maintain friendship, sort of a HIMYM intervention style.  

Sometime we really need to take the time off and look back into the past, all the things we been thru its kinda meaningful. So by writing this post, i hope that my future self will not forget about all the meaningful stuff happened in 2012.

again, Wish you all Have a Happy New year. 

you may go fuck yourself now :) 

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